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2040 10th Ave - Columbus, GA 31901 - 706.322.3000 ~ 7500 Veterans Pkwy, Suite C. - Columbus, GA 31909 - 706.323.7622


Referring Office

It is a privilege for us to work with you in your patient’s care. The contents of this page are intended to serve as a general reference source for physicians, office managers and assistants to better understand Columbus Diagnostic Center/CDC Northsides’s registration process and requirements. Please call us with any questions, requests or comments.

Referral Information

To schedule a patient appointment at our 10th Ave location, please call us at 706-322-3000.
Or if you prefer, fax the order to 706-660-8044.

For our CDC Northside location, please call 706-323-7622 or Fax to: 706-323-7804

Downloadable Forms

For your convenience and to help ensure a smooth registration process for your patient, please download the following forms or reference information.

Physician’s Order Form
Insurance List
Self-Pay Price List
Procedure Preps
Grid of when to use CT/MRI

Our Services

MRIs: 3T, Open, and Wide Bore MRI
CT scanning including CT VTI (Instatrak)
Digital (2D) Mammography and 3D Mammography
DEXA (Dual Energy X-ray Absortiometry) scanning
Cardio Studies: Electrocardiogram, Holter Monitor and Echocardiogram
IVP (Intravenous Pyelogram)
EMG (Electromyography)
Vascular Studies

On-site Radiologist

Our full-time radiologists are on-site and typically available to discuss results with referring physicians and their technical staff.

Billing and Insurance

Management at Columbus Diagnostic Center/CDC Northside periodically review service charges to ensure that prices are competitive with surrounding diagnostic centers. Securing fair and reasonable rates from insurers is also a high priority for us.

Insured patients:
Payment for services provided from Columbus Diagnostic Center/CDC Northside is due at the time services are rendered. We will promptly submit a claim for your patient(s) to any third party or insurance carrier with whom we contract. Any fees not payable by the third party or insurance carrier are the patient’s responsibility. You will find that virtually all major insurance providers are accepted.

Insurance pre-certification:
Most insurance companies require pre-certification of non-emergency services. This is commonly the responsibility of the patient and their physician. Failure to obtain pre-certification could result in non-payment of the imaging bill by the insurance company.

We do not obtain the pre-certifications for your patient’s scans, but we do have a pre-certification specialist who can assist you if you have questions about which scans require prior authorization. Along with the order and a copy of the insurance card, it is helpful for us to have the following information at the time we contact your patient’s insurance company:

Reason for the exam – as specific as possible
Results of any x-rays or scans related to current request
Has the patient had physical therapy?
Is the patient on any medications related to the condition?

Pre-certification must be received prior to the scheduled test being performed.

If your office is obtaining pre-certifications, physicians should record the number on the order or call our pre-certification number at 706.322.3000.

Patients who wish to bill their own insurance will be required to pay for these services during the registration process.

Uninsured patients
Uninsured patients are eligible to receive a self pay discount. However, it is important to be aware that payment is expected at time of service. CDC/CDC Northside accepts cash, check, credit cards and debit cards.

For service price estimates, call 706-322-3000. Please notify us regarding ‘uninsured patients’ for self pay discounted rates.

Patient Registration

Registration Information:

All diagnostic procedures must be scheduled by calling 706-322-3000.

Patients should arrive 30 minutes prior to the exam time.

A driver’s license or picture ID and insurance card(s) are requested at the time of registration.

Patients without insurance coverage must pay a deposit at check-in.

Patients must be informed if a procedure or test requires fasting.

Physician Orders:

Valid physician orders are required prior to processing patients.

Valid order criteria includes: legible writing, patient name, procedure, clinical indications and physician’s signature (not extenders).

Unacceptable terminology includes: “possible,” “probable,” “suspected,” “rule out (R/O),” “questionable,” or the use of arrows

If an order was not faxed, the patient will be asked for the physician’s order at the time of check-in.

In the absence of a valid order, the ordering physician’s office will be contacted during the registration process.

Physicians offices are encouraged to fax all orders to ensure the order is available at the time of service.

First-time Referring Physicians:
The following information is required for first-time referring physicians:

Physician’s full legal name

Office address, phone number, and fax number


Georgia license number


Frequently Asked Questions

How soon should I expect a radiologist’s report on my patient’s scan?
Results are available within 24 hours after a patient has been scanned. As soon as the scan is completed, the images are electronically transferred to our on-site radiologist for interpretation.  The scan is read, results are dictated then transcribed by our transcriptionist and subsequently posted for the radiologist to review and approve before we send images or fax to your office.

What if I need immediate results on a scan?
If a ‘stat report’ is required, the radiologist is instructed to call you with an immediate interpretation. Please provide us with a contact phone number to include in our instructions for the physician.