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2040 10th Ave - Columbus, GA 31901 - 706.322.3000 ~ 7500 Veterans Pkwy, Suite C. - Columbus, GA 31909 - 706.323.7622


4 comments on “Patients”

  1. Brian Reese

    I had my MRI LAST Thursday. I cannot go back to work until the results have been reviewed by my PCP- Dr Palerino. When will you send the MRI TO Dr. Palerino’ office? Or should I come get the MRI AND TAKE UT TO HIM?

    Thank You
    Brian Reese
    706 325-8709

  2. Margaret Page

    Confirming my appointment on Thursday, April 19 at 8:00 for Ultrasound. Referred by Dr. Chin. Which location? 2040 10th Ave?

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